Welcome..... To a new tradition.........

The Bellville Café is located across from the Main Entrance of the Bellville Court House in the heart of downtown.

Bellville is a picturesque country town one hour and fifteen minutes west of Houston.

Bellville is well known for its wildflowers, rolling hills and  friendly Texas folks.

Our beautiful restaurant has been completely restored from the ground up. This 120 year old landmark that is home to our great cooking is a true testament to the enduring architecture and construction of the late 1890's in the State of Texas.

So come over, bring along your family and while you check out the restaurant, have a seat, order a great meal and enjoy a great slice of pie and a terrific cup of coffee.

 Our friendly staff will  pamper you.

We want to make sure your visit is a memorable one!

 Rick & Theresa Arocha own
 the Bellville Cafe since Oct,
 1st, 2011

We will gladly accommodate your date and hours.
Inquiries and reservations gladly accepted for parties and large events.
A great place for Staff Meetings, Company Trainings, Bridge Parties,
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner's, Christmas Parties or what ever event you can think of.

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